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Sponsor a Tuesday Night Show!

Become the major sponsor of a Tuesday night ski show! You'll receive vocal advertisement before, during, and after our performance. The crowd of more than 1,000 spectators will hear all about your business. And, most importantly, the ski team will make a group appearance at your establishment following the ski show, as well as invite audience members to join!

To sponsor a Tuesday night ski show:

First-Time Show Sponsorship = $400.00

Repeat Show Sponsorship = $350.00

Complete the interest form, and we'll contact you!

Here's what we provide:

1.  More than an hour of promotion

Before, during, and after the hour-long show, our announcers will tell the crowd all about your establishment. Food, drinks, specials, events... You name it, we'll promote it!

2.  Post-show patronage with the team... And more!

After the ski show, the entire team will head your way for dinner. We will be accompanied by family members, friends, and audience members!

3.  Reduced cost for the next show sponsorship

To thank our returning sponsors, we provide a $50 discount for repeat sponsorship. Everybody wins!

4.  The support of a local 501-c.3 non-profit organization

It's a wonderful partnership!

Our team consists solely of volunteers. The generosity of others helps keep our shows going, as well as keeps them free to the public.

We hope you decide to join us as a Show Night Sponsor. Thank you for your support!