Sponsor a Tuesday Night Show
with the U.S. Water Ski Show Team
to Promote Your Business

You could be a part of this local summer tradition. As a Show night sponsor, you will be the major sponsor that night, receiving vocal advertisement before, after and even during our performance. The 2013 ski show schedule will be advertised through our campaigns for the year. Most importantly, the ski team will make a group appearance at your establishment following the ski show as well as invite audience members to join them.

First time Show Sponsorship = $400.00

Repeat Sponsorship = $350.00

If you choose to be a part of the U.S. Water Ski Show Team, it is sure to both be rewarding and satisfying. We look forward to performing for you during our 2014 season!

Thank you for your support,

Christine Delarm
Team President
U.S. Water Ski Show Team