Team Member Testimonials



Sarah Parisi

With over eight years of my time spent with this team, I can truly say this is a very fun environment to learn!! This team helps you grow and become a better water skier and person over time and gives you friendships that will last forever!! There isn't an any other way I would want to spend my summer than watching the sunset over Jumpin' jacks while swiveling, without making a splash of course!




Nikki Weakley

I've been on the team since I was a small child and skiing in shows since I was 7 years old. Even at 35, I can't imagine a summer without it! There is no doubt in my mind that water skiing has changed my life for the better - it's the perfect combination of athleticism, competitiveness, and building lifelong friendships. Because of this amazing sport, I've met people from across the country, and even around the world, who love it just as much as I do. There's really nothing like it! If you're not water skiing, you're missing out!




Sara Pritchard

My husband and I joined the US Water Ski Show team in 1996, when our good friends said we just had to join! It does not seem like 25 years of fun have gone by already. It is a great, family friendly activity, and includes all ages of skiers from 3 to 75.

I am always learning new water ski tricks, and we love being on the water!




Eileen Eglin

A good friend of mine asked if she could take my daughter Erica to one of the Ski Teams "Learn To Ski Clinics". That was almost 10 years ago. Before joining the U.S. Water Ski Show Team I always thought that they were paid professionals, I was so surprised to learn that the Team was an all volunteer non profit club. Erica and I now have what we call our extended family.