Fun Facts about Water Skiing

There are some facts about water skiing that everyone should remember and follow when on the water. Water skiing can be a very fun and exciting sport, if you remember the facts about water skiing and stick to them.

Nearly 17 million Americans water ski every year. Very few of those people have never been seriously injured in a water skiing related accident during any season. The death rate from such accidents is ten times less than the injury rate. Water skiing is safe when skiers and boat drivers know and use common sense rules. Be safe and be smart.

A moderate ability to swim is advisable for a water skier, but be a great swimmer does not mean that you do not need a well fitting personal flotation device. Wearing one of these vests is essential to a safe and fun ride.

Water skiing is an adventure between the skier, the observer, and the boat driver. The skier and driver should agree in advance on the general path of the boat. A skier who turns in the same direction that the boat driver is about to turn the boat will get line slack that could result in a fall or getting tied up in the line.