Are YOU ready?
We're gearing up for the 2021 season!

After a season without shows, we're hitting the water with high energy this summer!

Come July and August, we'll be back on the Mohawk River with our FREE Tuesday night shows. Bring your friends, family, co-workers - you name it - down to Jumpin' Jack's Drive-In.

Full schedule coming soon... We'll ski ya there!

Promote your business in the coolest way possible

Join our team of local sponsors!

Want a new way to promote your business? Look no further. We provide unique promotional opportunities for local businesses that want to showcase their products and services to a new audience.

Check it out!

  • Restaurants/Bars: Sponsor a Tuesday night show and have the team over for dinner and drinks afterward.

  • Local biz of any size: We'll place a sign across the river with your name on it, visible to our audience of hundreds to thousands throughout the summer.

  • Think bigger: Get your name on a boat, the team trailer, the jump, and more... It's pretty cool.


For more info:

Reach out via our Interest Form or send us a message on Facebook 

** We're looking for new members! **

And YES, we're looking at YOU! 

No experience necessary!
Whether you're interested in skiing, driving a boat, performing on stage, or are just looking for a new hobby for you or your family - we're the right place for YOU!

Come have some fun in the sun! Reach out to learn how you can join us this summer:


Did you know...?

...We're not all water skiers. Many of our members are boat drivers, spotters, performers, or guardians of skiers who like to help out. 

...We can teach you everything you need to know about SAFE water skiing, while learning incredible new tricks along the way. We're happy to show you the ropes (literally!)

...The age range of skiers on our team gaps more than 65 years, from the youngest skier to the oldest most experienced! Age doesn't matter because even though we grow older, we're all still kids at heart :)

...Our team originated with a bunch of goofy teenagers
looking to have a great time on the water, and after 50 years, we haven't lost the spirit!